The base is a heavy cast iron plate. 

The base is supported by formed stainless steel legs with height adjustable feet. 

The internal oven components; char plate and wipers, are cast iron.

The drive components are hardened steel. The 1/3 HP motor operates sawdust agitator and char plates. 

All sheet metal fabrications are stainless steel.

The electrical enclosures; control and heater termination, are NEMA 4X stainless steel. 

The oven contains high efficiency ceramic fiber insulation.

Specifications SG-12 Smoke generator



Overall dimensions and weight

Net Weight 950 lbs. [431 kg.] Overall Height 63.0" [1700 mm]Overall Width 68.0" [1727 mm]Overall Depth 48.0" [1220 mm]

Hopper Capacity

60 lbs. [27 kg.] sawdust level with rim 63 lbs. [29 kg.] sawdust domed above hopper rim

Operating Capacity

1,100 FPM (feet per minute) [335 MPM (meters per minute)] velocity of smoke at smoke tube cone 11.4 CFM (cubic feet per minute) [323 LPM (liters per minute)] volume rate of smoke

Operating RPM

Motor: 6.0 RPM


2.4 RPM counterclockwise

Sawdust Type

Indicates heater malfunction ensuring consistent production performance

Sawdust Feed Rate

Variable rate from 5 to 26 lbs. [2.3 to 11.8 kilos] per hour


230 or 460 Volt - 30/15 Amp - 60 Hz – 3-Phase.The above voltages are standard. Other voltages are available. Contact us.

Suction Requirements

0.05 to 0.25 inches of water column


1 to 3 GPM (gallons per minute) [3.8 to 11.4 LPM (liters per minute)] at 20 PSIG (minimum). [140 kPa (minimum)

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